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Nebulae – “Pulse” – CD Digipack

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The new album has a mission: to make peace understood through a specific mantra “Listen. Understand. React.”
Nebulae is a conceptual project inspired by science, the universe and the nebulae from which the band takes its name. Nebulae generates powerful music that connects all the human channels, combining its ethereal and philosophical component, with the chemical and scientific one.
The reference bands are: Deftones, Gojira, Jinjer, In this Moment, Loathe, Fever 333, Devin Townsend, Mastodon, Klone, Code Orange, Korn, Tesseract, Periphery.

The title “Pulse” – Impuls, is the basis of all that animates us, of everything that makes us resist to events. It is the primary push to improve and evolve.
The sequence of tracks into the album examines the unfolding over time of human experiences that lead the human being to evolve and fight, marked by everything he has faced and is still preparing to face.


01. Trapped
02. Dawning
03. Removal
04. Bend Down
05. Poors
06. Bite
07. Smother
08. Control
09. Dust


"Removal" - New video OUT NOW!

Full video here : track n.3 from the new album “PULSE
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Domenico Pentothal Musto at Wavestudio, Pozzuoli (NA), Italy
The NEW album – “PULSE” – is set for release on the 18th October via Time To Kill Records

"Removal" coming soon

The NEBULAE, metal band led by the versatile singer Miriam Granatello, announce the details of their new album, “Pulse“, released on October 18th 2019 in CD and LP format for Time To Kill Records.

For Azathoth

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The Nebulae project was born in Caserta in 2014, when the singer Miriam Granatello engaged Antonio Masciandaro (bass), Eduardo Mazza (guitar) and Alfonso Mocerino (Drums), to start the first EP ‘Etere’ of the band, that was released in 2014. A conceptual project inspired by science, the universe and the nebulae in which the band takes its name.
In 2015 the frontgirl Miriam shared the stage in featuring with the world star Tatiana Shmayluk of JINJER in their very first Italian date, with which she will return in 2016 to share the stage. In addition, 2015 is an exceptional year for the Southern Italy quartet that shares the stage with bands such as Destrage, Infected Rain, Stormlord, Crazy Town and Cadaveria and 2018 with The Contortionist. The band in 2017 starts the production of the album “Carbon”, released in the spring of 2018.
Now Nebulae are ready to release their second work “Pulse” in 18th October via Time To Kill Records!


Miriam Granatello – Vocals

Eduardo Mazza – Guitar

Antonio Masciandaro – Bass

Alfonso Mocerino – Drums



Out 18th Oct 2019  


01. Trapped
02. Dawning
03. Removal
04. Bend Down
05. Poors
06. Bite
07. Smother
08. Control
09. Dust


Out 6th Apr 2018  



18 Luglio 2019 @ “RinP Festival 2019 – Rock is not dead!” / Rock in Pontecorvo, Pontecorvo (FR)

29 Giugno 2019 @ “Blood Shake Metal Festival w/Sharks In Your Mouth -CDP Spartaco” / Centro Sociale Spartaco, Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)

28 Giugno 2019 @ “For Those About To Rock – X Edizione” / Lo Scoglio Live Music Pub – Minturno, Lazio

7 Giugno 2019 @ “5RAND – Nebulae – Onydia (Road To VOTS)” / Traffic Live – Roma (RM)

5 Maggio 2019 @ “Nebulae + guests | Rock In Park 2019, Legend Club Milano” / Legend Club Milano – (MI)

16 Aprile 2019 @ “Nebulae LIVE Abbash // Opening Act: Hana Bi” / Kestè Abbash, Napoli (NA)

30 Marzo 2019 @ “Alt.Metal Foundry” / SOTTOSCALA9 Circolo Arci – Latina (LT)

7 Marzo 2019 @ “RIFF Eventi presenta: NEBULAE | Rock&Blues70” – ROCK and BLUES 70, Casapulla (CE)

1 Febbraio 2019 @ “Nebulae & guests | Legend Club, Milano” / Legend Club Milano – (MI)

13 Gennaio 2019 @ “Nebulae W/ Flowerstones live at FuckSia” / FukSia – Billiards & Rock’n’Live – (RM)

5 Gennaio 2019 @ “Dark Night at Spazio Cales #2” / Via Fabbrica delle Armi Bianche, 81056 Sparanise (CE)


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